Transmission tunnel £94
Dash smooth or traditional. 5W or 3W£128
Window garmishes for coupe£101
Rear window inner window box for coupe £87
Rear window trim (3W coupe)£47
Rear window trim (5W coupe)£87
Windscreen frame for Coupe. 3W or 5W£121
Stock front fenders£337 Pair
Cycle Fenders (145 Tyres)£60 Pair
Cycle Fenders (175 Tyres)£74 Pair
Cycle Fenders (195 Tyres)£87 Pair
Cycle Fenders (205 Tyres)£101 Pair
Stock rear fenders£216 Pair
1.5" wider rear fenders£229 Pair
1.5" wider bobbed rear fenders£222
1.5" wider rear fenders bobbed only at the rear. For use with running boards£234
Running boards£222 Pair
1932 grill shell, smooth or stock£155
One-piece hood (bonnet) top£209
Hood (bonnet) 3 row louvred side panels£222
Rear horn covers£118
Gas tank top (cover)£121
Gas tank bottom (cover)£121
Front splash apron£67
Original style firewall£148
Rolled rear pan (Roadster & Coupe)£148
* New * 1935 Ford spare tire ring style Front-Cycle-Fenders£74 Pair
* New * 1935 Ford spare tire ring style Rear-Cycle-Fenders
(85cm diameter for 7.00 to 8.20 16")
£148 Pair
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