The 1933 and 1934 Coupes are very similar and most people can’t tell one from the other. The only difference is in the grill and the hood (bonnet). 1933 Fords have gently curved louvers in the hood (bonnet) sides whereas 1934 Fords feature straight louvers. In addition the ’34 3-window coupe doors have a slight web at the rear of the window frame which was new for ’34. After Fords 1932 milestone design one might of thought Fords designers would take a rest for a year or two.Ai?? After all it would be almost impossible to build another car more beautiful than the ’32 Ford. However Edsel Ford and his team of designers managed to design yet another classically beautiful, yet modern automobile. for 1933 (and 1934) Ford offered the Briggs bodied 5-Window Coupe as standard and deluxe. The Murray bodied 3-Window Coupe was also available to buy viagra as a standard or a deluxe. Almost all were sold with the popular flathead V8. The old 4 cylinder engine was history.Ai?? A total of 15.918 Murray-built 3-window coupes were delivered in 1933, followed by a further 26.355 in 1934. Famous 33-34 3-window coupes included the “Piersons Coupe” the “California Kid” and ZZ-Top’s 1933 “Eliminator”. You can build your 33-34 coupe, fully fendered, as High-Boy or as a traditional Lakester – they’re all great! And if you’re on a tight budget, you can base your hot rod on a 1958-1992 London Taxi FX4, Rover P4 or Riley RM chassis.

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