Despite the ongoing recession and a short model year which would only last 9 months, Ford offered the deluxe version of it’s coupe with a unique three window design. This body differed considerably from the other 1932 designs with a unique A-pillar design and suicide doors. 21.474 Type B-520 deluxe coupes were built in 1932.  Unfortunately their popularity with stockcar racers between the 1940s and the 1960s means that relatively few have survived. An original 3-window coupe commands big money these days. Recently Brookville Roadster have started reproducing this body style in steel however at $25.000 before shipping and tax, these “new” steel coupe bodies are still a preserve of the wealthy.  Just take a look at this vintage stockcar “Nr. 4 Voit Rubber” pictured below. A reproduction vintage stockcar is a cheaper alternative to a hotrod and would probably cytotec in incomplete abortion turn even more heads!  Stockcar racers preferred the “wide-five” 1939 hydraulic brakes due to their bullet proof wheels. These are similar to the British Ford Pilot wheels and axles.

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tom1932 Deuce Coupe 3-Window from £2608